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SmallTown Heroes started in my man room, which is now my daughters bedroom. At first I said we wouldn't play any original music, because there were too many bands out playing original tunes and they weren't very good, and I refused to be one of them. We started as a two piece , now we have three. SmallTown Heroes is not a band, we are friends who play music. We laugh with each other, we cry for each other, we live our lives and our faith together. I never wanted to be in a "Christian" band, I always hated the idea of running around and singing to people how great it was to be a Christian, and how happy we are all the time, or raising ourselves up as some sort of example to follow. But as time wears on and we all change I start to realize that I don't have to be anyone I don't want to be. In fact we should all strive to be better than we are but know who we are so we do not become over inflated. SmallTown Heroes celebrates life, generally it's the more difficult parts and it doesn't always feel like a celebration, but every party needs a pooper and that's where our music comes in. Take it or leave it, but we hope you take it.