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It's not a tour... we're just playing some shows out of town on consecutive nights...


That's that I was telling everybody. Why I was afraid of the word "tour" I couldn't say. We stayed in a log cabin built in 1800 after the JoZorra show. It was a great night, you can see some pictures of the house in our pictures on the website. I can't say I was disappointed with that show. Steve and Abby were a father daughter that only stepped in for a 10 minutes but ended up staying the whole night. They were a very complimentary, they bought a CD and a T-shirt.

The sound was amazing at that show, Dallas did a good job (as always) and we could really hear ourselves well. We were controlled and decisive in our playing, it was so good we could hear our mistakes. Nice to be so close to perfect.

We pulled out in the morning after a tour of our host's home, we stopped at Doughnut Country, (highest rated doughnut shack according to iPocketBrain) Dallas is addicted to coffee and sweet breakfast pastries if you didn't know. The joint was rockin', very comparable to MaryLou's, forrizzle.

We drove through the Smokies, and stopped in Asheville, NC for a bathroom break. I almost quit the band due to an iPocketBrain bathroom locating app malfunction. But things looked up after a fast but belated bladder evacuation. P.S. Asheville, I'm glad I met you but you broke my heart, I want you, but alas, I have given my heart to another city. Lafayette you can be a cold mistress but I am still faithful.

Late, we made it to Carrboro, NC. First stop, Taco Truck...

Stay tuned tomorrow for the most exciting leg of the journey.