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One cancelled show and it would've been a mini-two-er.


Coming home was pretty rough, not gonna lie. Brian and Michelle had to get home Sunday night because they had no childcare later than that. But home was 11 hours away. So the two of them along with Fritz left early Sunday morning and knocked it out. John, Lisa, Bethany and I slept in... loafed around in our jammies... went out for some breakfast with Abel and Julia... and then hit the road. We of course changed drivers a few times and made pit stops, but didn't really mess around getting back to Indiana. Except for dining in at a Waffle House in Lexington...

Booking a Tour


Hey gents and gals,
We're finally getting out on the road later this summer on a little tour through Indiana and Kentucky, into Tennessee and North Carolina. It should be lots of fun and lots of hot. Dates and venues to be posted soon.