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Why would anyone drive 700 miles to play an outdoor show with no rain plan?


This wasn't just any taco truck. It was THE taco truck in the Carrboro area. And after a quesadilla and a taco, I was convinced. John and Lisa's old friends Abel and Julia showed us around the downtown area, highlighting all the best places to eat, then took us to their home for some much needed sleep. Not before gin and tonics though. So we got going Saturday morning with some delicious homemade blueberry pancakes and eggs courtesy of our hosts. Then we proceeded to spend what seemed like the next three hours arranging a set list for the upcoming show. It's usually not a problem, but we had an 8-11pm time slot available to us. Anyway, we finally got out of the apartment and into town for some good touristy exploration. A used book/record store, local brewery, thrift stores, and coffee were among our discoveries. I bought two books about time travel. And Fritz, despite all his searching, came out without a single Tower of Power vinyl. We were all having a lovely time, but couldn't help but notice that it was raining without much promise of drying up before the evening. That was a problem because we were booked to play an outdoor patio show. Fortunately, Abel is both resourceful and cool. He walked us into a little bar called The Station, and ten minutes later we were setting up to play there. This place even had a stage and sound system. Woah. The show definitely had its ups and downs, but we had a really good reaction from the audience. Even the bartenders bought CDs. Afterward we chatted it up with some good old Carrboro'ans, and ate some tots and drank some drinks (courtesy of the band fund). Then we ate again at a pizza joint. Then we drank again at a members only club that was spinning Michael Jackson vinyls. Amazing. Thus ending our musical excursion. One more entry to come about our ride home and lessons learned.