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Why would anyone drive 700 miles to play an outdoor show with no rain plan?


This wasn't just any taco truck. It was THE taco truck in the Carrboro area. And after a quesadilla and a taco, I was convinced. John and Lisa's old friends Abel and Julia showed us around the downtown area, highlighting all the best places to eat, then took us to their home for some much needed sleep. Not before gin and tonics though. So we got going Saturday morning with some delicious homemade blueberry pancakes and eggs courtesy of our hosts. Then we proceeded to spend what seemed like the next three hours arranging a set list for the upcoming show.

So we went to North Carolina


We (SmallTown Heroes and wives) just returned from a little trip through Tennessee into North Carolina and back. Played a few shows, saw some friends, ate some food, and came back broke. We pushed off last Tuesday from Lafayette and met up with John and Lisa in Bloomington. Ate/drank at a place loaded with character called the Runcible Spoon. $2 Guinness on tap. Fantastic food. Celtic music trio playing to a good crowd at 11pm on a Tuesday night. Wednesday we jammed* quite a bit (*jammed means practiced and screwed around).